Gets/sets the status items menu.


MacGap.StatusItem.create(configObject, callback)


configObject is a Javascript object containing the following keys: title: a string titleFontSize: an integer image: a string containing the path to the image to use for the status menu item alternateImage: a string containing the path to the alternate (over/down state) image


Set up a status bar menu item, or menu.

var item = MacGap.StatusItem.create({
     title: 'Title',
     titleFontSize: 16,
     alternateImage: 'path/to/alternateimg.png'
}, function() { 
     alert('Item clicked');

Putting a custom menu into the status bar:

// Create and add a menu to the statusbar. Note that adding a menu to a status item disables any onClick events
// Setting the second 'type' parameter in the create method to 'statusbar' keeps MacGap from automatically adding sub-menus to the menu items you create (this is because the status items don't have a supermenu like the main menu)
var menu  = MacGap.Menu.create('My Menu', 'statusbar'); 

// add items to the menu
menu.addItem({label: 'My Menu Item', keys: '', index: 0}, function() { alert('I was clicked!'); });
menu.addItem({label: 'Another Menu Item', keys: '', index: 1}, function() { ... });

// Add the menu to the status item. = menu;